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Our province leadership is elected through a thoughtful and prayerful process by the Provincial Chapter every four years.

The Provincial Chapter is a gathering of the Wheaton Franciscan Community to set direction and elect leaders. Delegates are chosen among the vowed members to represent all of the members. During Chapter the Province affirms, refines, and sets direction, based on prayerful discernment, visionary sharing, and deep listening, for the “good of the whole Community.”  The result of the discernment process at the Provincial Chapter is a Province Chapter Statement (sometimes called a Direction or Wisdom Statement).  The Chapter Statement continues to provide inspiration, guidance, and direction to the Community for the next four years.  Click here to see the 2016 Chapter Statement and symbol.

Having clarified a shared vision for the life and mission of the Community, the Chapter delegates then prayerfully, thoughtfully, and lovingly select those who will have a leadership role in helping the membership remain attentive to the direction that the Spirit is leading the Community

The Provincial Council consists of the provincial directress and the provincial councilors. They work together in co-responsibility in service to the Province, the Church, and world.


Bottom Row

left - Sr. Trish Villarreal, middle - Sr. Melanie Paradis, Provincial Directress

right - Sr. Alana Gorski, Provincial Councilor

Top Row

left - Sr. Lynn Schafer, Assistant Provincial Directress