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As Wheaton Franciscans we are committed to living Gospel values as co-creators in the Christ mystery. We believe that through an open and grateful heart we are blessed and become a presence of blessing. This open heart is a deepening relationship with God, the other, and all of creation. There are various ways of deepening a relationship with our Community.

If you are curious and believe that your spirit aligns with ours, plan to attend the informational program Who Are the Wheaton Franciscans?  This presentation will introduce you to the Wheaton Franciscan community - our charism, mission, philosophy, ministries, and various ways you might want to connect with us. Come even if you are just curious. All are welcome.

Consider joining us as a

Vowed Member

By profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, Wheaton Franciscan Sisters make a public commitment to God, to the church and to one another.  As Vowed members, our form of life is to observe the Gospel of Jesus Christ by living community and seeking to integrate contemplation and action so that our lives become a blessing for all.

Covenant Companion

Covenant companions are women and men of diverse faith traditions who are drawn to Franciscan spirituality and seek a formal relationship with the Wheaton Franciscan Community. Covenant companions are drawn to this relationship for many reasons, but primarily to deepen their spiritual life within the context of their own lifestyle. Covenant companions recognize that they are called to respond to our shared mission of living the Gospel life discovered in prayer and community. Covenant companionship is a commitment to deepen ones relationship with God, with the Sisters. and with one another. It provides an opportunity to receive and offer companionship and support on the spiritual journey.