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Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation


When Mother Clara Pfaender encouraged her sisters to respond with loving kindness to all persons, she could not have imagined the future or the many needs her sisters would face, nor the creative ways her sisters would respond to those needs.  She gave them, as she continues to give us, courage and freedom to respond with imagination and love.

Inspired by Mother Clara’s words, the JPIC Office endeavors each day, to look at the greatest social justice issues of our times, and to discern how we can best respond: be it encouraging green practices to care for Mother Earth; signing petitions or sending letters to our government representatives; responding with prayer and concern for the marginalized and forgotten people in our society; and more…

The JPIC Office is a ministry of, and a ministry for the Wheaton Franciscans and all who share our vision. We review the latest information about the pressing social justice issues of our times, and try to distill and present it to you. We hope this Website will be a vehicle for shared learning, an exchange of ideas and support, and advocacy efforts to evoke social change. 

To see how JPIC is present in our everyday lives, click here.