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Those we lost in 2018

Sr. Virginia Ruth Pendleton
of The Holy Name of Mary
1928 - 2018

Sr. Virginia Ruth Pendleton was born August 3, 1928 in Carthage, Missouri, to Leona and Carr Pendleton. She was one of their nine children. At the age of 32 Virginia Ruth chose to be baptized into the Roman Catholic Community at St. Leonard Church in West Terre Haute, Indiana. Five years later, she entered the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters. When she became a novice in 1966, she received the name of Sr. Dolorita of the Holy Name of Mary. After Vatican II, she returned to her birth and baptismal name. Read More...

Sr. Catherine Ann Weyenberg
of the Holy Trinity

Sister Catherine Ann Weyenberg was born in 1923 in Little Chute, Wisconsin to her parents Hattie and George Weyenberg, who presented her at St. John’s Church for Baptism. She was a sibling among four sisters and two brothers. As a young girl she attended the parish school in Little Chute. She said, “I always wanted to be a nurse and a nun.” Read More...

Deaths in 2017

Sr. Rosalie Klein
of The Most Precious Blood
Sister Rosalie Klein, Lorraine, passed into the fullness of God on July 7, 2017. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 94 years ago (7-26-23), the third child of fifteen children to Elizabeth (Elsie) and Casper Klein. Her parents brought her to St. Leo Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin for baptism on September 16, 1923. She was welcomed into the Wheaton Franciscans on September 2, 1942, and after novitiate and temporary vows formation, Sr. Rosalie professed her final vows on May 19, 1948. Read More...
Sister Julianne Diebold
of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
"What one heart can do for another heart! Is there any beauty in the world that can match this?" Thus writes the Sufi poet Hafiz. And thus lived Sr. Julianne Diebold in her relationships with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the hearts of everyone that she engaged throughout her almost 96 years of life. Read More...

Deaths in 2016

Sister Catherine Albers
of the Blessed Sacrament
Sr. Catherine Albers wrote that she wanted to be remembered as a caring woman who served the needs of people who were poor and of differing cultures. This is how the hearts of her sisters and the companions, the Wheaton Franciscans, and the hearts of her family and friends and all the folks she served will always remember her. Sr. Kate, as she preferred to be called, was a Franciscan woman of simple and eloquent dignity and creativity, who passionately seeded peace and presence, love and gospel faithfulness, intention and attention, wherever she journeyed. Read More...
Sister Marie Diebold
of the Sacred Heart

Sister Marie Diebold at age 80, breathed into the fullness of God on October 29, 2016 at the Our Lady of the Angels Motherhouse, Wheaton, Illinois. Marie was born of the love of Leona and George Diebold in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on August 27, 1936. Her parents brought her to St. Augustine Church in Kelso, Missouri for baptism on the 6th day of September, 1936. As a child, she often played being “sister” as she was mentored by the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood in elementary school and Notre Dame Sisters in high school. At the age of 19, in 1955, Marie chose to join the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters. She was encouraged and influenced by her three aunts who were Wheaton Franciscans and by the Wheaton Franciscans she worked among as a nurse’s aide at St. Francis Hospital in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Read More...

Sr. Marlene Bemis 
of St. Joseph

Sister Marlene (Mary Bemis) at age 88, breathed into the fullness of God October 22, 2016 at DuPage Convalescent Center, Wheaton, Illinois. Sister Marlene was born of Lena and Charles Bemis on March 22, 1928 in Saunders, Michigan. She was baptized at St. Agnes in Sandy Pines, Michigan on April 18, 1928. Mary’s elementary and secondary educations took place in both Michigan and Wisconsin. Sr. Marlene graduated in 1950 from St. Joseph’s Hospital School of X-Ray Technology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She entered postulancy with the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters in 1951, receiving the name of Sr. Marlene of St. Joseph. She professed her perpetual vows in 1958.


Sr. Beth Cosgrove
of The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sr. Beth Cosgrove at age 88, breathed into the fullness of God June 11, 2016 at Resurrection Life Center, Chicago, Illinois. She entered the Franciscan order in 1953 and professed perpetual vows in 1960. She is preceded in death by her parents Mary (Slimon) and Michael Cosgrove, her sisters Catherine, Pat and Mary, and her brothers James and Jack Cosgrove.  Sr. Beth was a woman of deep spiritual wisdom and emanated the joy of life lived in God as a Franciscan in community. Read more...

Sister M. Carol Bosbonis
of the Blessed Sacrament

1927 - 2016

Sr. Carol Bosbonis, 88, died Thursday, May 19, 2016 at Central DuPage Hospital, Wheaton, Illinois. She entered the Franciscan order in 1963 and professed perpetual vows in 1970. Sr. Carol is preceded in death by her parents Mary (Ford) and Louis Bosbonis, her sisters Christine, Pauline and Mary, and her brother James. Read More...


Sister M. Anselma Micka
of the Holy Spirit
Sister M. Anselma, Beatrice Micka, was born June 13, 1918, in St. Louis, daughter of Catherine (Esswein) and Frank N. Micka. Beatrice had ten siblings, among whom four of her eight sisters also entered religious life, and her two brothers became Franciscan priests – Rev. Ermin Micka and Rev. Victorin Micka. Read More...